The Bar & The Family

Our Bar

Welcome to The Pharmacy.

Let this be your home away from home, your land when you sail back to shore, your ray of sun on a cloudy day. Since we opened our bar in October 2013, it has been a wild ride. But a ride shared with family. Because we that’s what we are.

We are Jan, Hannah and Ran Van Ongevalle and you will find us here, making sure that this is not only an evening to remember but also an experience. We always try to innovate and improve so that each cocktail is a wonderful journey that you will not soonforget. We would not be here without your support and that’s why you are our highest priority. So, laugh and learn. Taste and try. Dream and discover. But above all: Sit back, relax and enjoy your stay at The Pharmacy.

Yours Truly, Jan, Hannah & Ran